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Leading the Way in Sustainability

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Uncovering the leaders of sustainability in the built environment, the inaugural SGBC-BCA Sustainability Leadership Awards are organised by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) and the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

The Awards are divided into three main Award Categories:


Business Leadership in Sustainability

Recognises companies which are truly integrating sustainability into their business models and contributing to the transition towards a sustainable built environment. These organisations understand that sustainability presents a long-term business opportunity, demonstrate sustainable practices within their internal and external operations, and show sustainability leadership within industry.

The Winner of this Award Category will represent Singapore in the World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Leadership Awards in Green Building.


 Leadership in Sustainable Design and Performance

Recognises pioneering green building projects that deliver a range of benefits through a holistic approach to sustainability. These projects go beyond simply minimising their impact by considering factors that lead to positive outcomes for both the environment and for people.

There are three Sub-Categories under this Award Category:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional

The Winners of each Sub-Category under this Award Category will represent Singapore in the World Green Building Council Asia Pacific Leadership Awards in Green Building.

 Prod Leadership in Green Building Product

Recognises companies which place key emphasis on developing and offering industry-proven and environmentally-preferred green building products. These companies have developed a growing stable of green building products that are high performance in terms of contribution in a building (e.g. low volatile organic compound content) and yet produced in a manner with consideration to the environment.

The Winners have achieved stellar performance in the Singapore Green Building Product labelling scheme.

These Awards are significant because:

60 per cent of the world’s population (4.3 billion people) live in the Asia Pacific region, with more than 2 billion living in urban areas - a figure that is set to reach 3.3 billion by 2050. Set against this backdrop of growth, creating buildings that are low or zero carbon is essential to ensure a high quality of life for people, minimise negative impacts on the environment, and maximise economic opportunities.

By entering, businesses and building projects can:

  • Step on the global stage - Winners of two Awards Categories will represent Singapore in the WorldGBC Asia Pacific Leadership in Green Building Awards 2016.
  • Raise their profile – Finalists and winners of the Awards will be profiled through SGBC's and also WorldGBC’s global press work, social media and other communications activities.
  • Get in front of the right people - Businesses and projects are judged by a group of renowned and highly influential figures in the green building industry.
  • Receive recognition – The Awards are a chance to celebrate some of the most progressive businesses and projects in a hugely important region for the future of green building.

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