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About Us

SGBC was officially launched on 28 October 2009 as the only non-profit organisation with a concerted private-public sector partnership to achieve a world-class and sustainable built-environment in Singapore.

About the Logo


The SGBC 10th Year Anniversary Logo is an evolution of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) corporate identity as we celebrate what we have achieved in the past decade and where we are heading to next.

SGBC’s corporate name stands proudly beside the visual presentation of the 10-year anniversary with the twin leaves emerging from the well of the “0”, symbolising the Council’s strong and steady growth that germinated from humble beginnings.

Coming full circle, the anniversary logo was designed by Singaporean designer Ms. Jaime Tai who created the original SGBC corporate logo in 2009. An art and design student at Central Saint Martins at the time, Ms. Tai has also grown into running her own eponymous studio, specialising in visual communication design and trend forecasting.



The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) logo is a simple design of two young leaves, appearing to germinate from text. The two leaves represent the public and private stakeholders in Singapore's sustainable development programmes; when viewed together, they represent a synthesis of interests on single stem - the commitment of Singapore to do its part to conserve the environment.

The green-and-grey colour scheme symbolises the Green Movement (of which the SGBC is part) and the industry's practical approach to green buildings respectively. The border-free and pot-like layout of the logo also symbolises a culture of continual growth and openness of the council.