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  • 19 Jul 2019

    A Star Partner in Industry Transformation


    SGBC was conferred the Star Partner Award at the Public Sector Transformation Awards 2019, underpinning its emphasis on industry transformation.

    The Award recognises exemplary citizens, non-government organisations or companies that have contributed to better outcomes for the Public Service, in terms of demonstrating a strong spirit of partnership with the nominating public agency, or as strong advocates for national initiatives. Upon a nomination by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), SGBC received the Star Partner Award 2019 for its complementary work.

    In its #SGBC 10th Anniversary, SGBC will continue to forge meaningful public-private partnerships to create a greener and healthier built environment for everyone to live, work and play in.

    Read more about SGBC's accolade here: 

  • 13 Jun 2019

    Flying Singapore’s flag in the international green building space


    Part of a special SGBC 10th Anniversary collaborative series, Eco-Business asks SGBC's founding president Lee Chuan Seng if the traditional building and construction sector is finally embracing sustainability, what role the Council can play in the future and why sustainability resonates with engineers.

    When the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) was formed in 2009, two of its key tasks were to connect with the international green building community and to create a sustainability certification scheme for products used in construction.

    These were the tasks that engineering-trained Lee Chuan Seng found himself facing when he landed in the hot seat as the founding president of SGBC, he recalls.

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  • 29 May 2019

    SGBC Members win big at BCA Awards 2019!


    SGBC Member organisations are leading the way in green building and sustainability, with accolades in every category, including the Platinum Star of the Built Environment Leadership Award.

    Read about all the winners of BCA Awards 2019 here:

  • 28 May 2019

    Advancing Net Zero - Status Report May 2019

    ANZ May 2019 Small

    The World Green Building Council has announced that 50 signatories have now signed up to the Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment), launched in September 2018.

    This announcement is part of WorldGBC's recently released Advancing Net Zero Status Report 2019 which details efforts to demonstrate market demand and readiness to take on the challenge of decarbonising the global building stock.

    Additionally, the report features actions from Green Building Council (GBCs) across the globe facilitating this market transformation such as:
    • the release of nine new net zero carbon certification schemes (from France, Canada, Brazil, Austrailia, South Africa, Germany, Swden, India, USA) and two frameworks (from the Netherlands and the UK)
    • certifying nearly 390 buildings globally as net zero carbon
    • raising awareness through advocacy activities of the urgency and achievability of net zero carbon buildings
    • developing industry capacity through educational programmes and industry events

    Read the Report here.

  • 22 May 2019

    10 years in, industry takes the lead in advancing green buildings in Singapore


    Beginning this year, the Singapore Green Building Council takes over a key green building certification scheme for professionals and an enhanced role in assessing buildings on their sustainability impact as the sector becomes a strategic focus for the city-state.

    Reflecting the growing importance of green buildings for Singapore’s climate strategy and economic development, the national certification scheme for building and construction professionals has been refreshed and handed over to new management.

    From this July, professionals who want to be certified in the design and development of green buildings will obtain their qualification from the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) rather than from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

    Read the full article on Eco-Business.


  • 5 May 2019

    Green Building has hit the streets

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    Asia’s first green-roofed bus initiative was launched today at the inaugural Singapore Garden Festival (SGF) Horticulture Show, held at the newly opened Lakeside Garden, as part of the Festival’s efforts to showcase horticulture excellence and innovation of the local landscape industry.

    The ‘Garden on the Move’ initiative will see 10 SBS Transit buses ply Singapore’s roads for at least three months. Outfitted with an innovative, locally developed and soil-less roof system, these ‘green roof’ public buses will be deployed on the roads to study possible energy and cost savings for bus operators.

    Supported by Temasek Foundation and designed by GWS Living Art, these green-roofed buses seek to tap on the creativity of young innovators to further extend greenery to improve public places and our quality of life. Other partners supporting this initiative include Moove Media, National Parks Board (NParks), and Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

    The initiative also seeks to raise awareness on the possibilities of green innovation that is mobile and help reduce vehicles’ carbon emission by lowering fuel consumption needed for the air-conditioning. Members of the public can ride these buses along several routes including one through the Central Business District and another through Orchard Road. Fares for these buses cost the same as for regular buses. 

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    The mobile green roof, a green building product certified by the Singapore Green Building Council’s Singapore Green Building Product certification scheme, is made up of sphagneticola trilobata and other hardy plants adapted to the local climate, chosen for their resistance to windy and dry conditions. Instead of conventional soil, the plants are secured using GWS’ proprietary Gaiamat, a lightweight mat used for skyrise greenery that is cleaner, easier to maintain and more economical than other conventional green roof systems which are primarily soil-based. The mat is also easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain, so that it can be easily extended to more buses.

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    Research on green roof buses to start

    The 10 buses will be part of a research study, also supported by Temasek Foundation, to explore the link between green roofs and the interior temperatures of the buses, focusing on quantifying the reduction in heat transmission on vehicular roofs due to the addition of rooftop greenery. The aim of the three-month study is to confirm that the green roof will lead to a drop in temperature within the interior of the buses, and a reduction in the fuel consumption used for air-conditioning. Dr Tan Chun Liang from the School of Design and Environment, National University of Singapore (NUS), will be advising on the design of the study and evaluating its effectiveness. Findings from the study will be shared with interested parties. Please refer to Factsheet C for more information on the research methodology.

    The buses also seek to build on SGBC’s earlier Live.Work.Play.Green campaign that also involved public buses, to raise awareness on the sustainability benefits of green innovation for buildings, and other green features.

    Mr Zac Toh, Founder of GWS Living Art, said: “We are excited to apply our unique patented green building product to public buses to raise awareness especially as there are increasingly more urban greenery in Singapore. Our team has put together a design to keep the mat system safely on the roof and worked with various parties for months.”

    Mrs Jayne Kwek, Chief Executive Officer of Moove Media, said: “We are glad to partner GWS Living Art in transforming ten SBS Transit single deck buses into mobile gardens. It’s a refreshing way to promote green living to the public. Generally, bus rooftop installations for 3D advertisements are fabricated, but in this case, Moove has taken the Gaiamat to create the first-ever green-roofed buses in Asia that is not only soil-less, ultra-light, but more importantly, sustainable.”

    Mr Oh Cheow Sheng, Group Director, NParks, said: “This is a creative initiative that seeks to extend Singapore’s greening efforts, and which truly encapsulates the vision of a biophilic City in a Garden. We hope that this will spur others to explore other similarly innovative ways to green up Singapore.”

    Dr Tan Chun Liang, NUS, said: “While the impact of greenery on buildings has been well documented, much less is known about the effects of greenery on moving vehicles. To increase green coverage on our roads in this manner is an exciting prospect and we certainly hope that our study can provide the hard figures for mobile gardens as well as other innovations to improve our built environment.”

    Dr Ho Nyok Yong, President of the SGBC, said: “Building upon the success of our Live.Work.Play.Green campaign in 2018 where we garnered massive support from the public on green buildings, this new initiative aims to once again drive green building awareness to the forefront of the public’s consciousness. We hope to sustain interest in green buildings by putting one of the most recognisable elements of a green building onto a very public platform.”

    Mr Lim Hock Chuan, Chief Executive of Temasek Foundation Ecosperity, said: “Green roofs are not just for buildings or even buses. With some imagination and effort, they can be applied to almost any urban infrastructure, and we can maximise tangible benefits as well as quality of life improvements out of them. We hope that through this project, the public can capitalise on opportunities to extend greenery creatively to more places.”

  • 30 Apr 2019

    Completing the Green Building Ecosystem

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    From certifying green building products and services, SGBC will now also co-assess Green Mark green building projects with the Building and Construction Authority.

    Coming a long way since our inception in 2009, this collaboration is particularly meaningful in our #SGBC10 10th Year Anniversary as it signals a greatly expanded role for SGBC in the building and construction industry, positioning us at the forefront of the local green building movement.

    “SGBC has come full circle from our humble beginnings a decade ago. With this new collaboration, we can now address the entirety of the green building value chain: from the professionals to the organisations and certified green products and finally the green buildings themselves. Our enhanced position in the industry will allow us to develop and implement more impactful programmes towards a greener, sustainable and healthier built environment," said Dr. Ho Nyok Yong, President of the SGBC during the inking of the collaboration agreement.

    Being directly involved with the nation’s green building certification scheme will also help us to refine and improve our own building product and services certification programmes to ensure relevance as we gear up for industry transformation.

  • 30 Apr 2019

    Welcoming the Community of Green Building Professionals

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    In our #SGBC10 10th Year Anniversary, we welcome the nation’s green building professionals into the #SGBC family.

    First announced last year during the SGBC Gala Dinner 2018 (, the SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme - refreshed from the former Building and Construction Authority (Singapore) Green Mark Specialist scheme - is more than just a register of green building professionals in the industry. The programme will support the learning and development of our green-collared workforce with a full learning & development framework that includes courses, lunch & learn sessions as well as learning journeys to green building projects.

    “The sustainability of the built environment is built on the efforts of our green building professionals. With SGBC’s new programme and framework dedicated to the men and women of the green building industry, our green building professionals will be well prepared and ready for the future of buildings," said Dr. Ho Nyok Yong, President of the SGBC.

    All certified Green Mark Managers and associated qualifications will be referred to as the Green Mark Accredited Professional, aligning the qualification with well-known international industry standards. This also allows our Green Mark APs to be readily recognised as green building professionals in international markets.

    Find out more at the GMAP website: 

  • 28 Mar 2019

    SGBC announces new President and Board

    SGBC Board 2019

    The new SGBC Board, led by 6th SGBC President Dr Ho Nyok Yong, was introduced this afternoon at the SGBC Annual General Meeting 2019!

    The new Board is representative of the green building industry, comprising all key stakeholders including real estate owners & developers, architects, engineers, government agencies as well as members of the academia. With a wide spectrum of strengths and networks, the new Board is well poised to advance, connect and engage with the green building industry.

    Read more about the Board here:

  • 8 Mar 2019

    SGBC's very own Climate Champion

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    SGBC's executive director Ms Yvonne Soh has been named a climate champion for using her expertise and passion to build a better place for everyone.

    Echoing the #BalanceforBetter theme of #IWD2019, Ms Soh is confident of the way forward: “We face different challenges in our different parts of the world but there is so much scope to learn from each other. It is common sense to take a global approach to solving the global challenges of sustainable development.”

    Read more about her achievement here:

  • 18 Feb 2019

    Understanding Energy Performance Contracts and Audits

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    More than 200 industry representatives heard from the Building and Construction Authority and other subject matter experts on energy performance contracts and audits during an exclusive briefing session held yesterday afternoon at the Lifelong Learning Institute.

    From understanding more about energy performance contracts to knowing about new smart tools and technology to help manage building energy consumption, the knowledge shared will definitely go towards benefiting our buildings and the people who help manage them.

    Find out more about EPC here:

  • 29 Jan 2019

    Celebrating a Decade of Advancing Green Building


    SGBC is celebrating its 10th year anniversary, starting with the launch of a dedicated logo that will be used to brand all SGBC events and activities for 2019!

    The SGBC 10th Year Anniversary Logo is an evolution of the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) corporate identity as we celebrate what we have achieved in the past decade and where we are heading to next.

    SGBC’s corporate name stands proudly beside the visual presentation of the 10-year anniversary with the twin leaves emerging from the well of the “0”, symbolising the Council’s strong and steady growth that germinated from humble beginnings.

    Coming full circle, the anniversary logo was designed by Singaporean designer Ms. Jaime Tai who created the original SGBC corporate logo in 2009. An art and design student at Central Saint Martins at the time, Ms. Tai has also grown into running her own eponymous studio, specialising in visual communication design and trend forecasting.

    Look out for a whole plethora of SGBC Anniversary events in the coming months!