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A new green building professionals accreditation scheme will be rolled out, amongst a plethora of new initiatives announced by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) as part of a major push to support the transformation of the green building sector.

 Announced during the SGBC Gala Dinner 2018 held on 6 September 2018 at the Orchard Hotel Singapore, these initiatives are formulated to translate into action the vision laid out by the Construction Industry Transformation Map (ITM) that was announced in October 2017. As green building is one of the three main transformation pillars for the built environment, SGBC is well-poised to support the transformation of the sector for the future economy.

Guest-of-Honour Dr. Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources & Health, is positive about SGBC’s action plan to realise the Construction ITM’s vision for the green building sector, “With the building sector accounting for 17 per cent of our total greenhouse gas emissions, deepening green building expertise will help to mitigate our level of emissions. I am heartened that SGBC has demonstrated strong commitment to take the lead in climate action. Their close collaboration with the public and private sectors to transform our built environment will bring us closer towards our vision of a sustainable Singapore.”

Among the key initiatives announced by SGBC, the Green Professionals Accreditation Scheme will succeed BCA’s current register of Certified Green Mark Managers (GMM) and Certified Green Mark Professionals (GMP). A framework dedicated to the advancement of expertise and continuing professional development of the people behind Singapore’s green building landscape will also be set in place. The Scheme will add to SGBC’s suite of programmes to deliver greater value and offer stronger support to the developmental needs of the green collar workforce.

“Our green building professionals and specialists are integral to the sustainability of our built environment,” said Mr Tan Swee Yiow, President of SGBC, “Through this new programme, we aim to uplift the profile of the individuals behind our green buildings, supporting their growth and development the green building sector continues to evolve.”

BCA will also support the Council in building up its technical expertise and industry capabilities by progressively getting members of the SGBC Secretariat to join BCA officers in the assessment of Green Mark projects. This will help SGBC to develop deeper green building competencies as well as gain better insights into the green building industry to better support the built environment sector.

Lastly, capitalising on the global emphasis towards healthier buildings, SGBC will be working with relevant agencies to transform workplaces into positive living environments for the betterment of employees and occupants. To bring the green and healthy message to the greater masses, SGBC will be developing a series of toolkits and resources, as well as a self-assessment one-stop web portal to reach out to more workplaces in an engaging format.

These initiatives, along with existing programmes, are geared towards creating an advanced and integrated built environment sector, fostering progressive and collaborative green building firms as well as helping to create good jobs for Singaporeans.