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Comprising many prominent players from diverse professions and industries, these members have banded together to push for greater green synergy in sustainable development.

 SGBCommunity Spotlight

Green building and sustainability span many facets and perspectives, all of them working together to move the needle towards our climate goals.

In the monthly SGBCommunity Spotlight column, find out what sustainability means to SGBC Members and discover how they are helping to build a greener and healthier built environment.

November 2022

  • Casambi Technologies Pte Ltd
    • Casambi is a leader in modern wireless lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Key aspects of the Casambi solution are great user experience, high performance and scalability from basic individual fixture controls to industrial-scale solutions with cloud-based remote control, monitoring and data logging.
  • HealthWay Home Products, Inc
    • From homes to commercial buildings, Healthway designs and engineers scalable, efficient air cleaning solutions for any environment. At the forefront of the indoor air quality industry, Healthway continues to develop revolutionary solutions that make a real impact.