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Comprising many prominent players from diverse professions and industries, these members have banded together to push for greater green synergy in sustainable development.

 SGBCommunity Spotlight

Green building and sustainability span many facets and perspectives, all of them working in tandem to move the needle on our climate goals.

The SGBCommunity Spotlight series uncovers what sustainability means to SGBC Members and showcases how they are helping to build a greener, healthier and low-carbon built environment.

  • ACMD Enterprise Pte Ltd
    • AMCD Enterprise is committed to sustainability, designing energy-efficient LED lighting solutions that reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs.
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  • Casambi Technologies Pte Ltd
    • Casambi is a leader in modern wireless lighting control solutions based on Bluetooth Low Energy, emphasising great user experience, high performance and scalability.
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  • CFP Green Buildings
    • CFP has developed a scalable online tool that provides simple, large-scale and specific levels of insight to make real estate sustainable.
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  • Exceltec Property Management
    • Exceltec provides a comprehensive suite of property related advisory, management and maintenance services, empowered with technology and sustainability.
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  • HH Stainless Pte Ltd
    • HH Stainless offers a comprehensive range of stainless steel products across South East Asia ranging from pipe stock, fittings & flanges, bars and plates in various grades.
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  • Tectus
    • Tectus Group and its associated companies is a family-owned, multi-national conglomerate that operates across seven areas: engineering & construction, inspection technologies, real estate, digital health, entertainment & lifestyle, advisory & investments and legacy.
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  • Tremco Construction Products Group
    • Tremco is a global construction products company with a wide portfolio of building materials that are designed to improve a product's lifecycle.
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