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The Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) is launching the Green Mark Associate (GMA) foundation-level accreditation for new industry entrants or non-technical built environment related professionals seeking to:

  • Pursue a career in the greening of the built environment
  • Demonstrate competency in the fundamentals of Singapore green building

This accreditation is part of the Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme - a recognised symbol of merit in the Built Environment (BE) Sector.

GMA certification denotes a core understanding of sustainability, green building, the national environmental sustainability legislative framework as well as the key qualities of a green built environment. The Certification Course covers a range of topics that includes energy efficiency, green building materials and technologies, indoor environmental quality and water conservation, and is intended to enhance and reinforce knowledge on built environment sustainability.

The GMA certification - awarded upon completion of the Certification Course - demonstrates a working knowledge of green building fundamentals, key regulations as well as trends and developments, which can help open doors to a growing pool of job opportunities available in built environment sustainability.

Find out more: https://www.sgbc.sg/sgbc-certifications/green-mark-associate