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Electrical incidents, more common than one might expect, often occur unexpectedly. It is a widely held belief that everyone deserves to live in an electrically safe environment. Embodying this principle of proactive safety, SGBC Member Hager celebrates 30 years of service in Singapore, offering products that epitomise reliability and longevity. Marking this milestone, the Safe & Simple Roadshow by Hager Singapore on 6-12 November 2023 equipped homeowners with the knowledge and tools essential for protecting their homes and loved ones.

Celebrating Three Decades of Excellence
Founded in Germany in 1926, Hager has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive electrical infrastructure solutions for various buildings and homes. Since launching in Singapore three decades ago, the company has been steadfast in its mission to deliver safe, efficient, and sustainable electrical solutions.

Renowned for its innovation, Hager's product range, synonymous with German quality and French technology, has evolved significantly, enhancing living spaces with everything from circuit breakers to wiring accessories.

Empowering Communities
“At Hager, we understand that safety begins at home. Our aim extends beyond supplying reliable electrical solutions; we strive to empower every individual in Singapore, ensuring their homes are safe havens,” says Tobias Li, Managing Director of Hager Singapore/ Export. 

The 30-year anniversary was not merely a celebration but an embodiment of Hager's unwavering commitment to electrical safety. The Safe & Simple Roadshow at VivoCity, mirroring Hager's philosophy of blending safety with simplicity, provided an interactive experience for visitors. The event fostered dialogue, education, and community engagement, advocating for a sustainable lifestyle.

Looking Ahead
For over thirty years, Hager has been an integral part of Singapore's homes, businesses, and communities, embedding safety, reliability, and efficiency in electrical systems. Keeping pace with technological advancements and the growing emphasis on sustainability, Hager has continually adapted its offerings. As Hager celebrates this significant milestone, the company looks forward with anticipation to a future rich with innovation and growth, committed to leading the charge in shaping the electrical landscape of tomorrow.

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