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Close to 60 organisations across the building and construction sector have signed the Singapore Built Environment Embodied Carbon Pledge, signalling strong industry impetus to address built environment embodied carbon emissions.

The Pledge – initiated by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) – was formally launched during the virtual SGBC-REDAS Green Real Estate Trends Conference 2021. It is aimed at bringing attention to the critical issue of embodied carbon and the built environment sector's influence on these emissions, as well as to help unify and amplify industry action. With the Pledge as a guiding point, organisations with ambitions, intentions and solutions to address built environment embodied carbon emissions will take concrete actions anchored on the Pledge's 3 key principles:

  1. Opting for building materials with lower embodied carbon
  2. Minimising materials usage and wastage through collaborative design and optimisation
  3. Transforming construction site processes to utilise electricity and renewable sources of energy

The signatories of the Pledge include the Ministry of National Development, four government agencies, building developers and owners, consultants and specifiers, builders and contractors as well as manufacturers and solution providers. Based on their organisation type, pledge signatories will take specific actions intended to build capability, capacity and demand, enabled by SGBC's framework of knowledge, expertise and resources.

“The global pandemic has shown us what we can overcome when we work together towards a common goal. Climate change is an even greater threat to humanity and we need to urgently bring together like-minded partners to accelerate decarbonisation of the built environment,” said Ar. Tang Kok Thye, President of SGBC. “The Council – with the strong support from fellow industry associations such as REDAS – is ready to support the built environment’s transition to one that is greener and low-carbon.”

“With fast evolving work-live-play patterns and consumer behaviour, and changing business models and operations, it is necessary for the built environment industry to prioritise sustainability in real estate and take concerted action to push building adaptability and resilience in our urban systems and operations,” said Mr. Chia Ngiang Hong, President of REDAS. “We look forward to more members and associates coming on board the Singapore Built Environment Embodied Carbon Pledge. Let us all continue to collaborate and work closely together as we embark on the ongoing journey to building Singapore as a Little Green Dot through Sustainability.”

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