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NZCB Commitment Update SM 1

Ahead of COP26 in Glasgow this November, the World Green Building Council has updated its Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment, expanding its scope to recognise enhanced leadership action in tackling embodied carbon emissions from the building and construction sector.

To accompany the Commitment update and its reduction-first approach to decarbonisation, WorldGBC has also published the Advancing Net Zero Whole Life Carbon: Offsetting Residual Emissions from the Building and Construction Sector, providing guidance for how the sector should compensate for its total carbon impacts.

Read more about the enhanced commitment here: https://worldgbc.org/.../commitment-includes-embodied-carbon
Pledge to reduce embodied carbon emissions in the Singapore built environment here: https://www.sgbc.sg/.../singapore-built-environment...
Read more about embodied carbon in SG Green Issue 13.0: https://issuu.com/sgbc/docs/sgg13