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More than 150 business leaders from the built environment sector convened yesterday afternoon for a particularly impactful SGBC Leadership Conversations thought leadership forum.

The event not only explored the myriad efforts behind the sustainability of the Mandai mega-project, but also touched on green stewardship and how industry stakeholders can ride on the unprecedented wave of sustainability awareness and accelerate green efforts with renewed vigour.

Through a cosy fireside chat facilitated by SGBC 2nd Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of CapitaLand Investment Ms Lynette Leong, special guest and Deputy Chairman of Mandai Park Holdings Mr. Tan Chuan-Jin outlined the complexities behind the Mandai development, such as how the principles of keeping waterways pristine are upheld as well as the strong link between conservation and sustainability. BCA CEO Mr. Kelvin Wong also shared some of the challenges the sector had to surmount during the COVID-19 pandemic and how the community can be rallied towards a green future.

The pandemic not only clearly demonstrated the need for sustainable development, it has showed us the positive effects that can be achieved through united efforts. With developments finally looking up for the country on the pandemic front, the built environment sector can look forward to accelerating our sustainability ambitions and aspirations.