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With our unique position within the building and construction industry, SGBC can provide relevant resources to help organisations and individuals to build green.


Why "Better Places for People" ?

Research shows that a building's design impacts the health, wellbeing and productivity of its occupants. The World Green Building Council’s 2014 global report Health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices raised awareness of this issue by outlining the evidence linking office design with occupants’ health and productivity. The same features commonly associated with green buildings have a measurable impact on human wellbeing. This strengthens the ongoing business case for energy-efficient, resource efficient, healthier buildings.

Better Places for People builds upon the foundation provided by the report.

What Are Our Aims and Activities?

Better Places for People aims to accelerate the demand and supply of buildings that support people in living healthier, happier lives by raising awareness of how buildings impact people, and by presenting the business case for action. SGBC, BCA and our Programme Partners - owners, investors and real estate managers, will engage and collaborate with tenants through a range of activities to help drive action on the ground.

Key Activities

  • Outreach to tenants through owners, investors, real estate managers and more!
  • Providing tenants with the knowledge and means of creating greener spaces and offices.
  • Creating a database of information on tenant expectations and concerns, to better understand changing trends and needs.

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