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SGBC publishes SG Green magazine, a bi-annual green building publication focusing on certified solutions and sustainability stories.
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The world is facing a daunting challenge - to meet the growing energy demand while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. Climate change is rapidly becoming a global crisis, and the need for sustainable solutions has never been more urgent. The built environment is one of the significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for nearly 40 percent of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, building energy-efficient and sustainable buildings is crucial in mitigating the adverse impact of climate change.

Energy efficiency is the foundation of sustainable buildings. It is the process of optimising energy usage by minimising energy waste and maximising output. Energy-efficient buildings use less energy for heating, cooling, lighting, and other operations, resulting in reduced carbon emissions, lower operating costs, and improved indoor air quality. Such buildings are designed and constructed to conserve energy, minimise waste, and reduce their overall environmental impact.

In this issue of SG Green, read about how built environment sector players are pushing the envelope for energy efficiency. The collection of articles covers the principles of energy efficiency, design strategies, construction techniques, and operational practices that are essential for creating super low energy buildings, zero energy buildings and even positive energy buildings. The magazine will also explore technologies and materials used in high-performance buildings, including renewable energy sources, smart building systems, and green building materials.

SG Green Issue 16.0 features two case studies on Singapore positive energy buildings: the Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi building and the Samwoh Smart Hub. Both exemplary building projects are designed to be extremely energy-efficient and make use of renewable energy sources to generate more energy than they consume. Check out the individual articles to find out what goes beyond the façade of these high-performance buildings.

By exemplifying energy efficiency, the built environment can contribute to a greener, healthier and more sustainable future.

In this issue:

  • Existing Building Performance: the Decarbonisation Goldmine
  • Championing a Sustainable Built Environment
  • Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi: The Future of Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Innovating for a Sustainable Built Environment
  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle to Enhance Air Conditioning Systems
  • Getting Behind the Engineering Complexities in Three Signature SJ Campus Innovations
  • Improving Ventilation Efficiency
  • Hitting the Green Mark through Smart Lighting
  • Optimising Manpower with On-Demand Cleaning through Smart Washroom Management

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About SG Green

First published in 2015, the SG Green magazine is a biannual green building-themed digital publication focused on showcasing green building solutions. Produced and published in-house by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), SG Green focuses on the technical applications of certified green building solutions, sharing best practices, expertise and capabilities in local green building projects. The e-magazine also profiles organisations with an onus on sustainability, featuring their exciting journeys and stories in an insightful format. SG Green is published online in an easy-to-read digital format in the months of March and September each year.

SG Green is prepared by the industry, for the industry, leveraging collective experience to deliver practical content and relevant information to readers in a slick and easy-to-read format. Each issue of SG Green is digitally distributed to thousands of individuals and companies active in the built environment sector locally and worldwide, comprising business owners, property developers, architects, engineers, consultants and sustainability managers.

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