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SGBC publishes SG Green magazine, a bi-annual green building publication focusing on certified solutions and sustainability stories.
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The ever-evolving global landscape demands a shift in focus from simply discussing sustainability to actively implementing solutions. This edition of SG Green delves into the inspiring stories of individuals and organisations who are putting sustainability into action, translating environmental responsibility into tangible progress, both in Singapore and across the international stage.

Within these pages, readers will encounter a wealth of practical knowledge and inspiring case studies. Focused on Sustainability in Action, the magazine will touch on innovative technologies are revolutionising the way the sector is approaching sustainability, including a feature to help readers better understand district cooling. This issue also showcases cutting-edge advancements in green building practices, resource-efficient technologies and celebrates the ingenuity driving positive change.

Moving beyond theoretical concepts, this edition will also delve into the real-world application of sustainability principles across diverse segments. By examining case studies of successful implementations, such as the beautiful Pan Pacific Orchard hotel, readers will gain valuable insights into replicable strategies and the lessons learned on the path to sustainability.

Finally, achieving a sustainable future necessitates collective action. SG Green Issue 18.0 highlights the power of collaboration between businesses, government agencies, and communities. We will explore how collaborative efforts are accelerating progress and fostering systemic change, like how Univers is helping organisations navigate the decarbonisation imperative.

In this issue:

  • Pan Pacific Orchard: An Icon of Tropical Hospitality with the Environment in Mind - Page 4
  • Navigating the Decarbonisation Imperative: Measuring, Monitoring, Optimising - Page 14
  • Charting a Sustainable Future: Singapore Pools' Green Journey - Page 20
  • Painting a Sustainable Future for Singapore - Page 28
  • Navigating the Green Revolution - Page 36
  • Cultivating Change: How Vertical Farming is Elevating Sustainability in Urban Singapore - Page 44
  • Data-Driven Digital Transformation for Green and Sustainable Buildings - Page 52
  • Understanding District Cooling Systems - Page 58

Click here to read the full copy of SG Green Issue 18.0 (March 2023) for free.

About SG Green

First published in 2015, the SG Green magazine is a biannual green building-themed digital publication focused on showcasing green building solutions. Produced and published in-house by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC), SG Green focuses on the technical applications of certified green building solutions, sharing best practices, expertise and capabilities in local green building projects. The e-magazine also profiles organisations with an onus on sustainability, featuring their exciting journeys and stories in an insightful format. SG Green is published online in an easy-to-read digital format in the months of March and September each year.

SG Green is prepared by the industry, for the industry, leveraging collective experience to deliver practical content and relevant information to readers in a slick and easy-to-read format. Each issue of SG Green is digitally distributed to thousands of individuals and companies active in the built environment sector locally and worldwide, comprising business owners, property developers, architects, engineers, consultants and sustainability managers.

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