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The accelerated push for sustainability necessitates the core knowledge and deep expertise of green building professionals. Environmental Sustainability Design or ESD consultants, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Project Managers, Facilities Managers and other built environment professionals directly contribute to the quality of our places and spaces and by extension, to Singapore’s national climate goals.

SGBC actively supports the professionals behind the greening of the Singapore built environment through the Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme, with qualified professionals known as Green Mark Accredited Professionals (GMAPs). This is in line with global professional accreditation programmes and will help Singapore's green building professionals better profile, showcase and also export expertise to overseas markets and continue branding Singapore as the hub for green building leadership.

Visit the GMAP Portal here: https://gmap.sgbc.online/public/home

About the Programme

The SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme succeeds the BCA Green Mark Specialist programme and aims to uplift, upskill and recognise green building competencies of professionals active in the built environment sector. A key feature of the SGBC Green Mark Professional Qualification Scheme is the establishment of a CPD framework for all GMAPs. Through a host of meaningful programmes and activities, GMAPs are able to remain abreast of industry trends and stay ahead of sectoral developments. GMAP certifications are renewed annually upon fulfillment of the renewal requirements.

GMAP professions span the entire building and construction value chain, taking on the more traditional roles of ESD consultants, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Project Managers, Facilities Managers; along with newer roles stemming from contemporary developments such as energy & carbon specialists, sustainability professionals, corporate real estate management and so on. As green building and sustainability continue to gain traction, the demand for such qualified green personnel will continue to increase.

Certification Types

GMAP certification qualifies industry professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed for the implementation of Green Mark projects.

  • Green Mark Accredited Professional [GMAP]
  • Green Mark Advanced Accredited Professional [GMAAP]

The GMAP (FM) certification qualifies industry professionals with the knowledge and expertise needed to maintain and operate green buildings.

  • Green Mark Accredited Professional (Facilities Management) [Green Mark AP(FM)]
  • Green Mark Advanced Accredited Professional (Facilities Management) [Green Mark AAP(FM)]

Professional Profiles


  • Has more than 3 years of local industry practice and experience
  • Is familiar with current green building trends
  • Has basic knowledge of the Green Mark Scheme
  • Advises building project teams on adopting sustainable features
  • Coordinates submission requirements for Green Mark projects


  • Has more than 5 years of local industry practice and experience
  • Is familiar with current green building trends
  • Has in-depth knowledge of the Green Mark Scheme
  • Takes the lead in building project teams and advises on how to improve building system performance
  • Makes calculations critical to building performance analysis
  • Performs simulations using 3D modelling 
  • Coordinates submission requirements for Green Mark projects

Benefits of being a GMAP

  • GMAPs are the Responsible Person(s) for Green Mark submissions
  • GMAPs accrue additional points under the Green Mark Scheme by being in the project team
  • GMAPs enjoy preferential rates for all SGBC CPD events
  • GMAPs have regular access to key industry updates on green building technology and policies
  • GMAPs are part of the Green Professional community promoting collaboration and engagement
  • GMAPs have opportunities to give back to the industry by speaking at SGBC events or putting together on-demand courses
  • GMAPs enjoy recognised branding and visibility as a qualified green professional
  • GMAPs enjoy exclusive access to GMAP-only events organised by SGBC and its partners

Continuing Professional Development

The continuous professional development (CPD) of the nearly 800 GMAPs registered with SGBC is facilitated by a robust development framework and counts technical events, learning journeys, conferences and training courses as qualifying activities. SGBC also actively works with other industry associations and organisations to cross-recognise relevant events for mutual CPD accreditation, allowing GMAPs with multiple professional qualifications to concurrently fulfil their various professional renewal requirements.

GMAP Renewal


GMAPs are able to fulfil renewal requirements through the following avenues:

  • Attending SGBC-Accredited CPD Events: SGBC and its approved course organisers host a variety of activities - webinars, conferences, seminars, courses, learning journeys to help GMAPs continue to maintain knowledge and skills aligned with current industry and regulatory developments.
  • Attending programmes by other GBCs: SGBC recognises CPD programmes organised by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC).
  • SGBC Digital Academy: An industry initiative by SGBC that provides dozens of on-demand courses on green building trends and developments