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Singapore Green Building Services Energy Performance Contracting
Air-Conditioning System Maintenance Accreditation

The building maintenance landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift: from a traditional prescriptive contracting based model to an outcome-based one where guaranteed performance, quality and value for money are holistically considered. To address industry challenges and prepare the industry for this eventuality, SGBC has established an Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for Air-Conditioning System Maintenance Accreditation under the Singapore Green Building Services (SGBS) certification programme, developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders. This is also in line with the Construction Industry Transformation Map, preparing the industry for the future economy.

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In short, EPC for Air-Conditioning System Maintenance provides the building owner with a fixed level of building efficiency, guaranteed by the service provider. The service provider will then undertake all that is necessary to deliver on this guaranteed efficiency level throughout the contract period. As the system performance of any air-conditioning system will naturally deteriorate over time, having an outcome-based EPC model helps to ensure that the system continues to perform at the desired levels than the traditional prescriptive one.

The SGBS EPC accreditation is recognised under the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Scheme for Existing Non-Residential Buildings ENRB: 2017 which was launched for piloting in September 2017.


Broadly, EPC Air-conditioning Maintenance Accreditation consists of the following criteria:

Financial Standing

  • This is derived from the organisation’s Net Worth.

Technical and Operational Capabilities

  • This basically looks at the organisation’s established track record in maintaining Green Mark certified buildings’ air-conditioning system.
  • The total installed capacity (RT) of all green buildings managed.
  • The Operational issues such as the environmental credentials of staff and training provided for the maintenance team to upkeep their knowledge and skill.

Sustainable Policies

  • The organisation’s corporate stability, defined by valid ISO and bizSAFE certifications along with any internal green procurement policy.

Guide on Specifications for EPC Air-Conditioning System Maintenance Contract

SGBC, in collaoration with industry stakeholders, has developed a guide for specifiying energy performance contracts for air-conditioning system maintainence. The first edition of the Guide on Specifications for EPC Air Conditioning System Maintenance Contract can be downloaded below:


The guide encompasses the key considerations for the adoption of EPC Air-Conditioning System Maintenance Contracting including performance tabulation, incentives and penalty models as well as a Sample of Recommended Maintenance Servicing Regime.

For any feedback on the Guide, you may write in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accredited Green Facility Management Firms
The full list can be found here: https://web.sgbc.online/public/service/list